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Brief exposition of Iliushin-14 restoration at Tushino airfield

Operations have begun in November, 1992.

The basic works on repair of the plane have executed by:

Shnirev Andrey. - chief of the group
Matveyev O.V.
Evloshevich P.S.
Ovsyannikov O.I.
Sorokin A.A.
Knoh U.A.

The first after repair flight was carried out May, 3, 1993 by crew:
zbolotsky Viktor - captain;
Volkov Andrey - co-pilot;
Shnirev Andrey - flight inineer.

Now the crew of a restored airplane:

Volkov Bopris- captain;
Volkov Andre- co-pilot;
Shnirev Andrey - flight inineer.

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