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Avion Enterprise was created in Northwest district of Moscow in April, 13, 1992.

The first our job was restoration of the plane on Tushino airfield under the order of .

Continuation of this direction of activity was realization of restoration of Iliushin - 14m at Tushino airfield under the order of Federation of Amateur Aviators of Russia.

Restored planes became often participants of aviation parades and demonstration flights.

For the 50th anniversary of a victory in WWII we delivered the Lisunov-2 plane for Hystorical museum-Poklonnaya Gora from Mishkin (Yaroslavl region). For this transportation we developed the special bracket for helicopter MI-6 of Myachkovo Airenterprise. After delivery the plane was repaired and now is one of the most interesting exhibits in a museum.

Now we work on restoration of Jak-18A plane.

Another (now to the basic) direction of our activity is repair and operational development under requirements of the customer for Jakovlev-18T planes.

The enterprise achieves significant success in cabin interior design of Jakovlev-18T plane , developments on the cabin interior for other types of planes are conducted.

Also we study western covering systems using synthetic fabrics that will allow to increase service life of a soft covering twice.

Experts of the enterprise participate in investigation of aviation incidents with Federation of Amateur Aviators of Russia, in actions for propagation of aviation knowledge and in promotion on the market of new airplanes.

Aviation Banner Exchange
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